Being a band that formed around a mutual appreciation for chocolate covered donuts on a Sunday morning and our wannabe rock star personas, we felt compelled to take our pursuits to the road. We call Southern Maryland home, Huntingtown to be more specific and our regular Sunday morning gig is why we do what we do. We desire our melodies to take you on a journey that stirs your soul. Musical influences are as eclectic as our personal backgrounds and interests. We strive for the sound of modern rock such as Anberlin, MuteMath and Lifehouse; 80’s ballads much like the creations of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard; to southern rock, you know, Texas stuff and much more. But we don’t believe in limiting our creativity. We enjoy performing traditional church anthems as you might hear sung by Joe Elliot of the aforementioned Def Leppard … minus the British accent, of course.

Our first EP, Midsentence was released in fall 2008 and we are working on more melodies that we hope will soon follow. On the Midsentence album, songs range in style from punchy pop tunes to soaring melodic rock. Much of what we do is to meet you where you are and give you something to ponder. We don’t just want to entertain: our lyrics and purpose are as important to us as the composition of our sounds.

We hope you enjoy the creations of Scattered Leaves and please tell us what you think - even if it might sting our approval-seeking artist psyches.

Please visit the Scattered Leaves MySpace page to hear songs from the 6-song EP, and purchase your copy today online, order from CD Baby, or visit iTunes &